2023 June 21 – May 2023 Meeting Report for ABATE of KS District 5

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MAY 13, 2023

The May ABATE of Kansas District 5 Meeting was held at noon on Saturday, May 13th at Wyandotte County Lake Park-Shelter 10. The meeting was kept informal, due to the setting and the event following the meeting. Debbie started the meeting.

Old/New Business.

The Moose Lodge was confirmed for the State Meeting in December, followed later in the day for the District 5 End of Year Party. The band Craigslist Killers has been confirmed to play that evening.

There was a final discussion, led by Bud, about the District 5 Bike Games at the Labor Day Rally. The staging for motorcycles preparing to compete needs to be better, so they can get lined up and ready to go. This will be arranged, stated and posted. Riders have to be ready and at the starting point when their number is called. The workers on the field are not going to go search for contestants to take their turns. If a contestant misses their turn, they may have another
opportunity at the end of the line, but not if it messes up the brackets. These guidelines
will be posted and are the contestant’s responsibility to know and understand.

We have a newer and better sound system, and even now have an additional speaker. They all work together on the same wavelength. It was suggested that we look into a better, possibly noise canceling microphone for the person on the mic during the games.

There is a minimum 500cc engine size for all bike games. It was agreed to include trike games this year. Trikes will be just trike class only. Trikes will be considered one wheel in the front and two wheels in the back. There will have to be different divisions for motorcycle engine and car engine trikes. This trike class competition is on a trial to see how it goes. If it works out well, we will consider continuing on with it. The trike games we will be including will be Keg Push and the Blind Man. The trike class keg push will go on after the regular motorcycle keg push, so we don’t have to drag the kegs back out. The regular bike games decided on for this year are the Slow Race, Keg Push, Potato Pick-up, Tire Toss, Weenie Bite, Balloon Toss, and Tire Drag, in that order. District 5 looks forward to seeing everyone out on the game field at the rally.

The June Meeting will be held at noon on Sunday, June 4th at the Silver Wheel in Desoto, KS.

The July Meeting will be held at noon on Sunday July 9th at Big D’s on the Hill in Kansas City, KS.

The August Meeting will be held at noon on Saturday August 5th at the Labor Day Rally Site. Paradise Point in Ozawkie, KS. That meeting is part of a rally work weekend in preparation for the Labor Day Rally. Get your hours in.

The meeting was adjourned.