2023 July 26 – July 2023 Meeting Report for ABATE of KS District 5

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JULY 9, 2023

The July ABATE of Kansas District 5 Meeting was held at noon on Sunday, July 9, 2023 at Big D’s on the Hill in Kansas City, Kansas. Tony called the meeting to order. All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance. There was then a moment of silence for lost brothers and sisters, as well as those serving, and who have served our country.


Sergeant at Arms Report: Tank reported on those present during the meeting.

Secretary’s Report: James briefly went over the topics from the June District 5 Meeting. The June District 5 Meeting was short and informal. A motion was made to waive the full reading of the minutes from the June meeting and move on. The motion was seconded, all were in favor, and the motion passed and the meeting moved on. See the June newsletter, or the District 5 Website for more on the June meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Tony reported in Geoff’s absence. All accounts and numbers are in good standing order.

Membership Report: Tony reported on the membership’s status. If you know anyone who is going to the Labor Day Rally and is paying the full cost to get in, that covers the cost of a membership to ABATE. Make sure you let them know to fill out a membership form to sign up.

Product Line Report: District 5 is working on some new products. We do have LOOK TWICE license plates available. We also have District 5 stickers available. See any board member for any of these items.

State Report: Tony Reported. The June state meeting was in Gove City, KS. Tony was unable to attend that particular meeting. The July State Meeting was in Garden City, KS. Tony was able to attend the July meeting. There are still tickets available for the gun raffle. The drawing will take place during the Labor Day Rally. You need not be present to win. See the State report in the newsletter for information about the state meeting. The next state meeting will be held on Saturday, the 19th of August in Ozawkie, KS.

Old Business:

Make sure to take the 2023 Motorcycle Profiling Survey online. It only takes a few minutes.

The Mid- South M.I.L.E. is in Springfield, MO this year.

New Business.

It is District 5 nomination time for certain board positions. The positions up for nomination are Assistant District Representative and Treasurer. During the meeting, Tank nominated Angela Thomasson for Treasurer. Charles seconded the nomination. Angela accepted the nomination for Treasurer. Michael Bridges nominated Becky Bridges for Treasurer. Charles also seconded that nomination. Becky accepted the nomination. Angela Thomasson nominated Debbie Harden for Assistant District Representative. Michael seconded the nomination. Debbie accepted the nomination.

There was more discussion about a hand-held microphone for the use at the Labor Day Rally games, as well as any other purpose District 5 sees fit to use it for. It was decided a microphone will be purchased for this purpose; however, the funding will be covered mostly by contributions/donations.

Angela is getting bike game rule sheets laminated for the Labor Day Rally.

The next District 5 Meeting will be held at noon on Saturday, August 5th, on the vendor pad at the Labor Day Rally Site at Paradise Point in Ozawkie Kansas. The meeting will be followed by a District 5 work day out at the rally site.

The September District 5 Meeting will be held prior to the Bike Games During the Labor Day Rally on September 2nd, on the game field.

A motion was made to adjourn. The motion was seconded, all was in favor. The meeting was adjourned.