2024 MAR 10 – March 2024 Meeting Report for ABATE of KS District 5

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March 2, 2023

The March District 5 Meeting was held at noon on Saturday, March 2 , 2024 at Papa C’s BBQ in Paola, KS. Tony called the meeting to order. All present for the meeting stood for the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a moment of silence.


  • Sergeant at Arms Report: Tony gave the report in Tank’s absence. Tony reported on the number of persons present at the meeting.
  • Secretary’s Report: James offered to go over the minutes from the February meeting. It was decided to wave the reading of the February meeting minutes. Some of the items from the February meeting were brought back up later in the meeting. The February meeting minutes were accepted and approved as reported and printed in the newsletter.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Angela went over the accounts and numbers and presented to those present at the meeting. All of the accounts are in good standing.
  • Membership Report: Tony reported on the District 5 membership numbers. Remember to bring up and talk to those you know about ABATE and what it is about. If there is anyone who may have let their membership slip behind, give them a reminder.
  • Product Line Report: District 5 has men’s and women’s short and long sleeve t-shirts, tanks, and other products available. The product designs are pretty cool. Come to a district event and/or see any board member for District 5 products.
  • State Report: The February State Meeting was held in Hutchison, KS. The March State Meeting will be held in Dodge City, KS. Tony went over some of the items from the state meeting. See the newsletter for the State Meeting report.
  • Legislative Report: The Republican Convention was held in Overland Park, KS. The Democratic Convention will be held in Topeka, KS. ABATE will have a presence at the convention. Washington Days will take place on March 13 th . Becky made a motion for District 5 to make a donation toward Washington Days. Kim seconded the motion. No one opposed, all were in favor of the motion and the motion passed. District 5 will make a contribution.

Old Business.

  • It was mentioned there is a District 21. District 21 is for ABATE members who have pasted
  • Solders for Jesus’ Thunder on the Speedway will take place at Lakeside Speedway on July 20th and 21st, 2024. District 5 will have a booth at the event. There are a lot of other live shows and things going on at the event as well as primitive camping.
  • District 5 will be putting on the motorcycle games at the District 3 Rally, on May 4th in Girard, KS at the rodeo grounds.

New Business.

  • There was some discussion about having a sign made to be used at District 5 meetings
    and events to promote the district’s presence to those passing by who don’t get a message in a newsletter, or by word of mouth. It could also be for those who may have heard of ABATE, but don’t know how to get involved. It could also just be for those riding by and see a bunch of motorcycles together, don’t know what’s going on, they see the sign that says “Welcome, come join.” Becky made a motion for a sign/banner to be made to be placed at our district event and meeting locations, not to exceed a certain amount of funds, that would say something along the way of “ABATE of Kansas. All are welcome. Come join in. etc.” The motion was seconded by Beth. All were in favor, no-one opposed and the motion passed. The district will begin looking into having a sign/banner made.
  • The Run for the Wall is coming up. District 5 usually donates toward ABATE’s contribution to fuel up cycles on the run as they pass through Kansas. Beth made a motion for District 5 to make its contribution to the Run for the Wall. The motion was seconded by Kim. All were in favor, no-one opposed and the motion carried. District 5 will make its normal contribution.


  • The April District 5 Meeting will take place at noon on Saturday, April 6, 2024 at Full Draw Bar & Grill. 100 E. Second St., Edgerton, KS 66021.
  • The May District 5 Meeting will take place at noon on Saturday, May 11, 2024 at Wyandotte County Lake – Shelter 10 (83 rd St. Shelter). This meeting is in conjunction with District 5’s Motorcycle Awareness Event. The district will have a cookout and have products available there. All are welcome at the event. Bring your own drinks.
  • The June District 5 Meeting will take place at noon on Saturday, June 1, 2024 at Big D’s on the Hill in Kansas City, KS.

As always, all District 5 Meetings are open to all members, as well as the general public. Come join us at the meetings.

Becky made a motion to adjourn. Kim seconded the motion. All were in favor, no-one opposed. The meeting was adjourned.